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Eman Abdelhadi
Comparative Human Development,
co-author with M.E. O’Brien

Everything for Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052-2072
Common Notions, 2022



A speculative fiction novel, Everything for Everyone imagines a mid twenty-first century, where war, famine, economic collapse, and climate catastrophe have toppled the world's governments. In the 2050s, the insurrections reached the nerve center of global capitalism—New York City. This book, a collection of interviews with the people who made the revolution, was published to mark the twentieth anniversary of the New York Commune, a radically new social order forged in the ashes of capitalist collapse. One reviewer on Amazon noted, “[This book] is a huge relief from the endless dystopias all around us. I'd like to see this be a model for a whole new genre of novels imagining a post-capitalist world and how it could come about.”


Listen to Eman Abdelhadi discuss her book on the podcast, Rendering Unconscious.

Everything for Everyone is the book we all need right now. It lets us imagine what can feel unimaginable in this moment—a total reorganization of social relations toward our mutual survival and the dismantling of the ruling death cult.”
Dean Spade, author of Mutual Aid



Eman Abdelhadi is an academic, activist, and artist based in Chicago, IL. Her research as faculty at the University of Chicago focuses on gender differences in the community trajectories of Muslim Americans. Abdelhadi has also spent many years organizing. She has been involved in the movement for Palestinian liberation, Black Lives Matter, counter-surveillance and abolitionism, marxist feminist mobilization as well as workplace struggles. She is currently co-coordinating the Muslim Alliance for Gender and Sexual Diversity, a national organization that provides support and builds community by and for Queer Muslims. Abdelhadi maintains an active creative practice that includes performance art and essay and poetry writing. Her writing has appeared in Jacobin, Muftah, and other publications. 

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